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The Cost of Medication: Prescriptions With Insurance vs Without Insurance vs Over the Counter CBD

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Prescription medication can be financially draining. With insurance premiums, increasing costs for the same prescriptions, and new medications to deal with the side effects of the first prescription, it’s a wonder we aren’t all bankrupt. Thankfully, CBD offers a low cost, natural alternative to many unnecessary medications.

Medical expenses can take a significant chunk out of your monthly income. And things only get harder if you struggle with chronic pain or another long-term condition, where every refill of Vicodin or Percocet chips away at your savings account (seemingly with no end in sight).


Side Effects

We’ve all seen ads for medications where the side effects are worse than the initial condition. And with the average person over 65 taking an average of 7 different medications every day, the risk of unwanted interactions and side effects increases. How can you find safe, natural relief?

The idea of taking extra medications – and how they interact with all the different and complicated parts of the body – causes my mind to swirl. I don’t have an advanced medical degree, but I know from experience that the intricacies of the body mixed with medication (especially multiple medications) creates a quagmire of potential problems, allergies, and side effects.


CBD, while proven to be exceedingly safe, doesn’t come without a couple of caveats that everyone should be aware of before beginning a regimen.



We all know how difficult it can be to work with insurance companies. From paying premiums to submitting claims and fighting to get your medication covered. Switching to natural CBD has helped countless people find ongoing relief without having to rely on the whims of their insurance providers.

Insurance companies are one of the greatest frustrations a grown adult must face. They all claim to have your back, usually accompanied by a catchy commercial jingle, but finding an insurance company that actually covers your needs is rare (and expensive). And if you have a great job that provides insurance, you may not have any choice in the matter. 


Maybe you’ve considered alternatives or supplemental treatment like cannabidiol (CBD) but wonder if it’s really that much cheaper than prescription pain medication. So let’s take a look at the costs of prescription medication with insurance and without insurance, then compare that to the cost of CBD.



Our government hasn’t made it easy to get the healthcare we need. From the lack of support for veterans to the rising cost of treatment, healthcare has become a game of haves and have-nots. While CBD won’t solve these problems, it offers an alternative to many unsatisfactory solutions.

Newly implemented government restrictions require special licenses to prescribe opioids and limit the quantity of each prescription. As a result, Nicole was essentially forced to quit her pain medication for fibromyalgia and arthritis cold-turkey, surviving for two years without her usual prescription.


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