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Medterra vs Charlotte's Web vs Colorado Hemp Extracts


In a crowded, largely unregulated industry, only a handful of brands are living up to consumer expectations. Don’t let the search for fast or easy CBD keep you from finding the highest quality brands and pure products you can trust.

Colorado Hemp Extracts is the brand we didn’t expect to love so much that ended up putting some of the best known CBD manufacturers on notice. 


While there are literally hundreds of brands you can purchase, these companies have defined themselves in a crowded industry because of their purity, product testing, and attention to customers’ needs. 


Types of CBD

Lotions. Bath bombs. Capsules. Gummies. Tinctures. Microdose. Macrodose. Sublingual. Topical. With so many ways to get your CBD, it can be hard to find the product that gives you the best possible experience. We explore different types of CBD and when they’re right for you.

For many CBD consumers, microdosing — or taking smaller doses throughout the day — has offered greater relief for chronic pain, insomnia and other conditions. Could microdosing work for you? And when should you stick with a larger dose?


Before you start choosing between gummies, oil tinctures, tablets, and topical creams, take a step back and consider what is in each product. To help you understand your options, let’s quickly and clearly explore the difference between CBD isolate vs full spectrum vs broad spectrum.


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