Medterra vs Charlotte’s Web vs CO Hemp Extracts

Medterra vs Charlotte’s Web vs CO Hemp Extracts

The market for CBD is flooded with research, random bloggers, and companies claiming to have pure, safe CBD. It’s no wonder CBD consumers are so overwhelmed! 

During your search for the highest quality CBD, chances are you heard about Medterra, Charlotte’s Web, or CO Hemp Extracts. And for good reason!

While there are literally hundreds of brands you can purchase, these companies have defined themselves in a crowded industry because of their purity, product testing, and attention to customers’ needs. 

So which of these CBD brands are right for you?

Colorado Hemp Extracts (Best Locally Grown, Best Value)

CBD brand comparison CO Hemp Extracts best local value

If you are looking for a brand that has been around from the beginning, then you’re looking for Colorado Hemp Extracts. Their experienced staff has been working for more than a decade in the hemp extraction world, and they have seen the rise and fall of many rival companies. In a market that has been inundated with subpar, untested, and even fraudulent products, CO Hemp Extracts has stood the test of time. 

While CO Hemp Extracts remains a small company, they helped blaze the CBD trail and define the industry. The owners founded Boulder, CO’s first recreational cannabis dispensary – one of the very first in the nation, with a commitment to clean, natural products and a dedication to customer education. They founded CO Hemp Extracts with the same vision as their dispensary – to provide locally grown, extensively tested products at an affordable price so consumers could make the best choice for their unique needs. Their goal wasn’t rapid growth as much as consistent quality, and their mom-and-pop style hemp CBD brand sets them apart from others. 

True to their name, CO Hemp Extracts sources all of their hemp from Colorado. While this may not seem like a big deal, the difference can be seen in the price and quality. Colorado is famous for having pioneered the industry, and their laws surrounding hemp and hemp extraction are refreshingly clear, holding growers to a standard that isn’t matched with imported hemp. This makes the entire process significantly easier – and cheaper – to maneuver, while ensuring customers get a product that starts with the finest and purest ingredients. Additionally, Colorado’s climate, altitude, and geography makes it one of the best places in the country to grow CBD. Of course, easier growth makes the products more affordable, but it also creates a superior product. 

Finally, one of the biggest draws to CO Hemp Extracts is the price. CO Hemp is able to provide the same high quality broad and full spectrum products found at competitors at a significantly lower price (sometimes as much as 30% below average market value). This makes CO Hemp Extracts especially tempting for those who plan to use CBD frequently and consistently in the future.

The brand remains the smallest of the three we reviewed here, but they’re expanding their line in 2022, and in our experience customers their value is unmatched.

Medterra (Best Selection)

CBD brand comparison Medterra best selection

Medterra boasts a wide variety of products designed to engage the consumers looking specifically to utilize CBD medicinally. Their website begins by asking, “What do you need help with right now?” and offers quick links to solution-focused product lines like “Sleep,” “Recover,” and “Focus”. 

Their product variety will also be appealing to consumers who want more from their purchase than pure CBD. And whether that means adding functional ingredients or offering options for dietary restrictions, Medterra has a solution. For example, their CBD & Melatonin Sleep Tight Gummies have become a popular solution for consumers who are struggling to sleep through the night. Additionally, their gummy products are vegan friendly. While many CBD or hemp related gummies are made with pectin (vegan friendly) rather than gelatin (animal collagen), Medterra is speaking directly to their consumers that they care about the substances they put in their body. 

Medterra also publishes all of their product analysis results, which shows their intention to be transparent with their consumers concerning purity. While many of these reports might fly over the heads of readers without a medical degree, one can still piece together that Medterra is thorough and open about their products.

One of Medterra’s greatest strengths is their variety. For nearly every one of their products, whether it be gummies, oil tinctures, or capsules, consumers can choose different flavors and strengths. Their product line is truly massive, making it easy for just about any CBD customer to find exactly what they are looking for.   

Finally, Medterra offers a subscription service that will automatically deliver customers’ desired products every 30, 45, or 60 days. The benefits of this service include a 30% discount and free shipping. For the consumers who use CBD regularly for pain or sleep relief, this discount would come as a huge relief to their monthly budget. 

Charlotte's Web (Most Well Known)

CBD brand comparison Charlottes Web most trusted

The moment you open Charlotte’s Web’s website (boy that’s a mouthful), readers get the distinct impression of natural products pulled from the Earth. 

What stands out the most for Charlotte’s Web is the products designed for people with a low tolerance or those trying CBD for the first time. Their “Starter Size” tincture delivers 17 mg of CBD for each ml of oil, making it a perfect product for someone exploring the benefits of CBD but who may not be completely sure this will become a part of their daily routine.

While Charlotte’s Web does not publish their product analysis lab results, they garner the trust of their customers in other ways. They publish review after review from satisfied customers, and they even boast their exposure on media outlets like The Today Show, CNN, and The New York Times. With all this positive feedback and legitimate media coverage, consumers can trust that they’re buying from one of the top brands in the marketplace.

Similar to Medterra, Charlotte’s Web also offers a subscription service giving customers 20% off regularly scheduled purchases and free shipping for orders over $74.

Our Conclusion

Each of these brands are leaders in the industry for a reason, and it’s safe to say that consumers can trust all three. However, each has their own distinct strengths.

  • “Best Local, Affordable Brand” goes to Colorado Hemp Extracts. Their passion to deliver the highest quality products aligns with far larger brands, and their everyday affordability is unmatched. This combined with their small business feel, extensive experience, locally grown hemp, and their dedication to their customers makes it a safe bet for CBD consumers new and old.
  • “Best Product Selection” goes to Medterra. Anyone looking for CBD would be hard-pressed to walk away from Medterra without exactly what they were looking for, whether that be strength, flavor, or delivery method. 
  • “Most Well Known” goes to Charlotte’s Web. The brand’s exposure in the media has given them a particularly loud voice. This has helped positively impact the industry in ways that many other brands have not.
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