3 Tips to Start Talking to Your Doctor About CBD

3 Tips to Start Talking to Your Doctor About CBD

Doctors are trained to know the body, what ails it, and how to treat it. Their education and experience places them ahead of our 20 minutes of Googling. And – with few exceptions – they have your health and best interests at heart. But doctors are still human, and they don’t know everything. So how can you start talking to your doctor about a new treatment like CBD? 

It seems like new research is published every day about CBD and other cannabinoids. And while your doctor is likely keeping up with the latest trends in pain management, it may be up to you to start the conversation if you want to try a new or different treatment. This can be intimidating, especially if you think your doctor might be against CBD. 

But cannabidiol, like so many vitamins and nutritional supplements, is worth exploring when you have questions. So here are three important starter’s tips to help you talk to your doctor about introducing hemp or cannabis-derived CBD as part of your treatment.

Talking to Your Doctor About CBD

1. Do Your Research

Avoid going into your doctor’s office knowing only what you read from the article your crazy uncle posted on Facebook. If you aren’t getting your information from reputable sources, your doctor may dismiss your request for CBD as more “trendy” than practical.

Healthline is a good place to start when learning about cannabidiol. Their guide to CBD gives a great introduction to what a cannabinoid is, and more specifically, what CBD is. It also gives a little information about dosage, which may come in handy when talking to your doctor (so she knows you’re serious about CBD as a treatment).   

If you’re looking to go deeper, Forbes has collected data for 9 different, scientifically-backed uses for CBD. It also provides sources for you to read more details about each study. 

These articles are just a starting point. Look for medically sound sources when you are doing your research. Chances are your doctor is already aware of the latest research. So this is less about convincing her and more about showing you are pursuing CBD as a practical treatment, not a trendy supplement your friends all enjoy. 

Stick to the research, and you’ll be speaking your doctor’s language.

2. Know Why You Think CBD Could Help

Reiterating that you’re in pain isn’t, by itself, going to convince your doctor to change their treatment approach. As such, it is important to understand why exactly you are looking for other remedies. 

What is it that CBD can do for you in fighting back against the chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety or seizures holding you back? 

You need to know specifically how CBD interacts with your nervous system so you can explain why you think it might help where other medications or treatments have failed in the past. 

Remember, the research isn’t going to convince your doctor if it hasn’t already. But your logical, well thought out reasoning for trying CBD might.

3. Be Patient

CBD is new, and new research is regularly coming out about the cannabinoid. And while the latest findings are all promising, there is still so much more to be discovered. As a result, many doctors remain stuck in their ways, waiting on a larger study before changing their approach. Or they might even be trapped in the stigma that anything related to cannabis, even non-psychoactive and federally legal hemp, should be considered illicit. 

This is why my final, and maybe most important, piece of advice is to be patient. CBD may in fact be the solution you’ve been looking for, but don’t rush into a healthcare change. Even if your doctor doesn’t initially agree with you about the benefits of CBD, they may come around as you present your findings. And they are still going to be your strongest ally. So take your time, continue to read about the benefits of CBD, and continue to talk to your doctor. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to seek out a second opinion. If you’ve tried prescription pain medication, physical therapy, and other remedies without success, it may be time to try something new. If your doctor disagrees, there’s nothing wrong with getting a professional opinion from another physician. 

When your health is on the line, don’t be afraid to take action. And if you do introduce CBD as part of your wellness regimen, make sure you are buying from a hemp CBD brand you trust to deliver lab tested, consistently dosed products every time you shop.

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