How Mike D Went from Counting Sheep to Catching Z’s

How Mike D Went from Counting Sheep to Catching Z’s

cbd for pain relief and sleep

Sleep is special. It’s one of the only times we get to be alone, comfortable, and truly relaxed. 

It’s why so many of us struggle to wake up in the morning and consistently hit the snooze button. 

Sleep is not only comfortable; it’s essential. Our body’s autonomic function slows, giving us time to clean out our nervous systems, repair broken tissues, and regulate emotions. Our bodies need sleep almost as much as we need oxygen, water, or food. Our minds would unhinge without it. 

Despite this fact, more than 25% of Americans struggle to sleep on a regular basis. 

And Mike is one of those unlucky souls. Or he was… until he tried CBD for pain relief and sleep.

Mike’s Sudden Difficulty Sleeping

Mike realized that he was getting older around his 50th birthday. Which is pretty good considering. Up until that point he could rely on his body to work properly. He excelled at sports, his energy levels were high, and his metabolism seemed to be working well. He’d even been able to fight off the infamous “beer belly” when most of his friends’ stomachs had continued to grow.  

Almost overnight, however, his energy dropped. Suddenly the idea of trudging back downstairs to get a snack from the fridge seemed daunting. And as Mike’s energy dropped, he noticed it was – ironically – harder and harder to stay asleep during the night. 

His wife of nearly 30 years had always tossed and turned in her sleep, but he’d been able to adapt early on in their marriage, somehow sleeping through the near-constant movement coming from the other side of the bed. 

As if someone had flicked a switch in his body, this all changed. 

He would wake up whenever his wife moved, as if he’d only been on the edge of sleep. This happened many times throughout the night. And by the time morning crept through his window, Mike was exhausted, grumpy, and his body ached. 

cbd for sleep

He didn’t want to take sleep medication, but it was only a matter of time before the lack of sleep began affecting his work and – if he wasn’t careful – his relationship with his wife.

CBD Saves the Day! (By Saving Your Night)

After hearing about Mike’s struggles, someone at work suggested CBD. And while he was hesitant at first, they finally convinced him that CBD was safe: it was different from marijuana and wasn’t going to get Mike high. 

So Mike started taking about 50 to 100mg of CBD oil for pain relief and sleep after dinner. At first, he wasn’t sure it was working. He still wasn’t sleeping through the whole night. He asked a few friends he knew used CBD, and everyone told him – without fail that he had to be consistent. 

So he kept at it, determined to reclaim his sleep. Every evening after dinner, he’d pinch a few drops of his tincture under his tongue. If he felt restless at bedtime, he’d take another dose.

Mike’s progress was slow at first, but he recognized that he was able to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. More than that, he was waking up with a bit more energy every day. Of course, stress or too much caffeine the day before would occasionally derail his sleep for a night, but he was able to recover faster now that he had a nighttime routine that was truly working.

Encouraged, Mike continued his daily CBD regimen on his quest for pain relief and sleep. 

Not only did he regain his sleep, but other symptoms he had errantly attributed to “getting old” began to fade. Muscle aches and sore joints were giving him less trouble, and his energy had returned: he was able to remain alert after lunch, and the stairs felt less intimidating.

Mike confesses that he still has some progress to go – those rare difficult nights still happen at times. But he’s grateful for the effects of CBD and is going to send a thank you card to his colleague for making the recommendation… once he wakes up, that is.

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