3 Easy, Zero Effort Tips for How to Use CBD in Your Daily Routine

3 Easy, Zero Effort Tips for How to Use CBD in Your Daily Routine

After hearing so much about cannabidiol (CBD), you finally bought some.  You’re excited to incorporate it into your daily routine, but there aren’t exactly instructions on the bottle. 

And the range of recommendations on the internet can get a bit overwhelming. What do you do?  

First of all, it’s important to differentiate CBD from its infamous cannabinoid cousin THC. THC is the stuff in marijuana that “gets you high.” CBD, however, is not psychoactive. In other words, taking too much CBD isn’t going to get you high or hurt you. But you don’t want to waste it, either. Likewise, you don’t want to waste your time by taking too little. 

So, how can you know how to use CBD as part of your daily routine? It starts with consistency.

A consistent dose throughout the day is your best bet for experiencing the full benefits of CBD. And the following simple tips will help you get the most out of CBD (with the least amount of effort).

Zero Effort Ways for How to Use CBD in Your Daily Routine

Make CBD Coffee for Breakfast

Many of us wake up with just enough time to shower, brush our teeth, brew a coffee, and rush out the door. Thankfully, that’s all the time you need to get your morning dose of CBD. Simply add a couple drops of CBD oil to your morning cup of joe (or tea). 

Of course, there are other more gourmet CBD coffee recipes, but a quick dose in the morning is all you need to get your day going in the right direction.   

Bear in mind that CBD tends to do its best work when it is coupled with food, so grab a bagel or fry an egg if you have time.

Quick CBD Capsule at Lunch

There are three pro tips for how to use CBD if you want to get the full benefits:

  1. Buy from a hemp CBD brand you trust
  2. Take CBD consistently
  3. Take CBD with food

If you’re looking to use CBD like an aspirin for pain on an as-needed basis, it’s effects will be limited. And like many other supplements and medications, taking CBD with food (preferably with some fat) will help increase its efficacy. If you’re counting calories or staying away from red meat, avocado or cheese is a perfectly acceptable alternative to help maximize your CBD gains. 

A hemp CBD capsule at lunchtime is an easy way to ensure you not only get your mid-day dose, but that you pair it with a little food.  Capsules don’t require any preparation, and if your day takes an unexpected turn – like a long lunch meeting or a working lunch by the vending machines – you can still take the dose you need.

Late-Night CBD Snack

We’ve all experienced the late night sweet tooth. Those donuts on the counter look tempting, but why not sate your craving and get your evening dose of CBD at the same time? If we’re being honest, nothing beats a chocolate covered, boston cream filled donut. But sweet, tasty CBD gummies can get the job done. 

The normal dosage of a CBD gummy is 30 milligrams, so don’t sit down and eat a handful of them like they were Sour Patch Kids.

Depending on your predetermined dosage, one or two should be enough. If that doesn’t scratch your sugar itch, consider mixing them in with a handful of candy or make them a topping on a small bowl of ice cream as you binge watch Vampire Diaries.

One of the beauties of CBD is its versatility. So while these ideas are simple to incorporate into your daily routine, feel free to use your creativity when deciding how to get your daily dosage. CBD is meant to reduce stress and increase your sense of wellbeing, so make it fun (instead of a chore). 

And remember the two keys for how to use CBD as part of a successful CBD routine: buy from a brand you trust, take it consistently, and enjoy it with food.

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